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Welcome to the High Beemers Website



Membership in the High Beemers Motorcycle Club (HBMC) includes full access to this web site. HBMC use this website and/or a mobile phone app as our focal point for all club coordination and communication. The site includes an interactive event calendar that shows all of our planned rides, a forum section where members coordinate amongst themselves for other less formal rides and motorcycle rallies held throughout the country. 


The club does not have regular meetings, but we do have a few social functions throughout the year. We have 3 organized rides a month during the main riding season (April to October) and one ride a month during the colder winter period. Many of our club members organize and ride together to many of the motorcycle rallies held in surrounding states.


Club membership costs $35 for an individual member, or $50 for a member plus associate. These dues are primarily used to subsidize the annual dinner and cover the full cost of the fall BBQ.


All club members receive a 10% discount on parts and accessories purchased at Sierra BMW.


If you'd like to join, use the "New Member Signup" link on the left of this page.


Tonopah Ride-April 2024

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Upcoming Events
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