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Welcome to the High Beemers Website



Membership in the High Beemers Motorcycle Club (HBMC) includes full access to this web site. HBMC use this website as our focal point for all club coordination and communication. The site includes an interactive event calendar that shows all of our planned rides, a forum section where members coordinate amongst themselves for other less formal rides and motorcycle rallies held throughout the country. 


The club does not have regular meetings, but we do have a few social functions throughout the year. We have 3 organized rides a month during the main riding season (April to October) and one ride a month during the colder winter period. Many of our club members organize and ride together to many of the motorcycle rallies held in surrounding states.


Club membership costs $35 for an individual member, or $50 for a member plus associate. These dues are primarily used to subsidize the annual dinner and cover the full cost of the fall BBQ.


All club members receive a 10% discount on parts and accessories purchased at Sierra BMW.


If you'd like to join, use the "New Member Signup" link on the left of this page.


Tonopah Ride-April 2024

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Upcoming Events
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