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President's Message - Q1 2024

Larry Reinhold | Published on 1/3/2024

High Beemers,


I hope you had a Merry Christmas and happy holiday season with your families and friends. We have not really had winter yet so riding opportunities are still present! Hopefully we will get some snow in the mountains which will allow more skiing and fill our reservoirs in the spring, but stay relatively dry down here in the valley. If you do ride during the winter, make sure you bring your heated gear!


Club Rides & Events- during Q4 of 2023 we held all of our scheduled club rides and events, which include our Monday breakfast rides; one Saturday preplanned ride and one Sunday improvised ride. Ride and event reports for all are on the website in the “Forums” section.


During Q1 of 2024 we have already held our annual New Year's day brunch/ride and anticipate holding each of our monthly breakfast rides, weather permitting. We'll also hold our annual dinner on January 11 at the Wild River Grille in downtown Reno. If you have not signed up for the dinner yet and want to go, please go to the website, find the event on the calendar and follow the instructions there. More information will be coming about the dinner in a few days. Please refer to the “Event Calendar” on the website for these and other events.


2023 Ride Contest - "Decisions, Decisions"- this is now complete. There were 18 members who participated; we'll have the drawings for the contest winners at the annual dinner next week. If you have any questions please contact Jim Edwards.


Membership- as of today, we have 78 regular members and 33 associate members for a total of 111; new members joining during the quarter were:


Primary Member

Associate Member


Primary Bike

Rick Knapp




Kurtis Thrasher




Andre Simmons



BMW 1200GS

Jeff Eller n/a Reno Unknown


Please join me in welcoming these new members to the club.


Other- Please remember that we have our new arrangement with Sierra BMW whereby club members receive 10% off all parts, accessories and apparel purchased from Sierra; just mention that you are a member when placing your order.


I look forward to seeing you at the Wild River Grille next Thursday evening.


Larry Reinhold

President, High Beemers