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President's Message - Q2 2024

Tracey McCormick | Published on 4/1/2024

High Beemers,


When I wrote my last quarterly President’s note in early January, winter had not yet started. As you know it certainly arrived after then, although nothing like a year ago. We have alternated between blizzards and warm spells, so many of us have had the opportunity to get some rides in.


Club Rides & Events –during Q1 of 2024 we held our New Year’s day brunch/ride as well as our monthly breakfast rides (or just breakfasts depending on the weather). We also held our annual dinner on January 11 at the Wild River Grille in downtown Reno which included annual elections and raffles. We had great participation from our club members and the event was a success! Ride and event reports are on the website in the “Forums” section.

During Q2 of 2024 we will commence having our three scheduled rides each month – Monday breakfast rides, Saturday planned rides and Sunday improvised rides. Please look at the “Event Calendar” on the website for details including start times and locations. One small change this year is that most of the planned rides will start from Sierra BMW, where Lane and Russ have agreed to generously provide coffee (and donuts) for our club members.

The BMW National Rally will be held in Redmond, Oregon (just north of Bend) this June. We have a lot of members going – my informal count is over 30 at the present time. Some will be staying in hotels or short-term home rentals; some will be staying in their RVs; and some will be tent camping. In the tent camping area (on the rally site), we are planning on having a shade canopy with the High Beemers banner attached, along with tables and chairs in the shade for any of us to congregate if we would like to. If you are interested in attending, there is a separate forum on the website for this event.


2024 Ride Contest – Quo Vadis? –Jim Edwards has rolled out the 2024 ride contest (named Quo Vadis? –which is a Latin phrase meaning “where are you going?”). The format is slightly modified from last year’s. There are 25 locations to potentially visit at varying distances from Reno, but this year each location is worth one point regardless of distance. You do not need to make it to all 25 locations to achieve the maximum number of tickets in the drawing. The entry fee is $20 so please enter the contest by going to the “Event Calendar” on the website, click on the February 22, 2024 event titled Quo Vadis? and following the prompts. Contact Jim directly if you have any questions about the contest.


Membership –as of today, we have 86 regular members and 34 associate members for a total of 120; new members joining during the quarter were:

Primary Member

Associate Member


Primary Bike

Jeff Saffle



BMW R1150R

Lily Thrasher




Christopher Rardin

Darlene Rardin



Ron Preston




John Haughom


Silver Springs


Marc Montella



Triumph Tiger 900

Rocky Phoenix




Daniel Morris



BMW K1300S

Mike Heaivilin





Other –As you un-winterize your bikes for the season, please remember to take a few minutes to inspect them and make sure they are in good shape for the upcoming riding season, including tire pressure. Finally, please remember to ride safely and keep the shiny side up.


Looking forward to seeing you on our rides this upcoming quarter.


Larry Reinhold|President, High Beemers